KSG Beast muzzle device ****BLEM****



These parts were damaged in shipment from anodizing. They may contain one or more of the following, dents, dings, burrs, scratches, surface imperfections, peened edges or gouges. We will not hand select parts. Please look at the pictures thoroughly before placing your order as we will not offer returns on these parts.

**These also will not ship with extra screws**

Most if not all the damage is on the very front “teeth” or one the back of the part.


This intimidating part will give your KSG a whole new look. It is not just for show though. It features M-lok slots on 3 sides to add a rail, light, hand stop or whatever else you would want on the front of your favorite shotty.

Also has limited rotation sling cups on each side so now you can have that quick detach sling. It still retains the factory style sling loops as well.

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The crenulated edge gives you a pain compliance feature for law enforcement as well as grip for door breaching.

It also closes up the gap left when using a Salvo suppressor so you get to keep the uninterrupted monolithic look that is so signature of this pump gun.

The use of a choke adapter is strongly recommended and we will not warranty this part if used without one. DO NOT use a muzzle brake with this as it will direct gas directly to the inside walls causing erosion from blast particles as well as gas venting from the slots in several directions. Fortunately the Beast muzzle device hides the choke adapter from view as to not detract from the lines of the gun as it would without it.


Installation requires the use of the barrel ring removal socket. The muzzle nut is retained with thread locker and may require heat. Gunsmith installation is recommended.

Single M-lok slot will only accept the 3 slot version rail.

A tutorial is available on our youtube channel

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