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Gear Head Works, LLC started off as a part time adventure with a single part that was made in a home work shop from wood. The concept gained attention locally so a machined aluminum version was made. From there, national and international attention turned into demand and before long it was being manufactured. That part is the Aug charging handle seen at the top of the page. 

With a history of competitive shooting going back to the third grade and many matches won, Gear Head Works, LLC founder Paul is no stranger to shooting. Everything from .22's to machine guns and 1000 yard precision rifles. This experience helps to identify opportunities for improvement and the creative mechanical engineering background provides the ability to design. The capability to take an idea and immediately go out and machine it in house for testing is a huge benefit. The days of the wooden prototypes have given way to 3D plastic printing and CNC machining. State of the art computer CAD modeling allows for virtual fitting and tolerance checking. This often leads to the first prototype made ending up with no changes to the production part. Countless hours are spent on each and every part to ensure that there is nothing left untouched.